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We’ve created this site to provide an education about drinking water and, in particular kitchen sink water filters because the kitchen is where food preparation takes place, and the under sink water filter and counter top water filters are the most common water filter solutions for many families.

Consumers around the world have become more concerned than ever about the health issues associated with home drinking water.

For most of us who grew up 50 years or more ago, the answer to being thirsty was to drink a glass of water from the tap as soft drinks and fruit juices hadn’t yet become the norm and we drank without a thought that we could be putting our health in danger.

Unfortunately, the switch from kids drinking water to drinking highly sugared juices and sodas, just as a more sedentary life style (getting rides in the family car instead of walking, as the pre-’50’s kids had always done, and spending hours in front of TV’s and later electronic games and computers instead of playing outside) did much to usher in our present epidemic of obesity.

Just imagine, though, if water from the sink was actually delicious, like pure spring water, without the chlorine taste and without the harmful chemicals that didn’t start showing up in most of our water till a few decades ago? When water is as pure and sweet as spring water, it’s a please to drink.

Decades ago, even the washing of fruits and veggies before eating was a cursory rinse to be sure any bugs and surface dirt was rinsed off as modern poisons hadn’t yet come on the scene. Yes, modern pesticides have meant huge increases in crop yields which have, in turn, allowed prices to be lower for consumers, but it’s taken a while for the public to realize that dangers come with those benefits.

In the ’50’s, kids would run out to play in the cloud of DDT that was sprayed in the evenings from the municipal bug control truck as it made it’s rounds to keep down the mosquito population. (I can still remember the taste of that deadly cloud. Little did we know.)

Fortunately, in the more recent decades the public has come to have a much better understanding of the contaminants that are often in our water supplies and on our fruits and veggies.  Even the very chlorine that has made our municipal water safer is now thought, by many, to be a contaminate that should be removed just prior to our drinking or using it in our foods and beverages.

Moreover, it turns out that our very skin, our largest organ, quickly absorbs chlorine from the treated tap water, meaning that even washing hands or showering in chlorinated water may not be the best option, if we have a choice.

Fortunately, we now have many choices of water filters, from the most basic charcoal filter units that can remove part of the chlorine,  to reverse osmosis systems that filter even healthful and tasty minerals from the water,  to ionized systems that produce water in more alkaline (and acidic) waters, some with small “molecule clusters” to better detoxify fruits and veggies soaked in it, to the current technological leader, the life-energy water filter with quantum harmonic oscillator technology that produces the highest rated anti-oxidized water with the smallest water “molecule cluster” available, so powerful that can actually bring about almost instant “aging” of fermented beverages.

Through this blog section, our goal is to provide explanations of the different types of water filter systems, discussion of arguments around certain claims, comparisons of different systems and news of interest about our drinking water supplies.

We welcome your comments and look forward to your visiting us again.

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