The Top Spring™ Model 2MX-25-2 Life-Energy Sink Water Filter 

It seems fitting that the first blog post from would highlight the newest water filter technology just beginning to enter the North America market, the Top Spring™ Model 2MX-25-2 Life-Energy water filter created by Aizia Technology of Tiawan.

According to the manufacturer, test results from independent laboratories show the Top Spring™ water filter produces water with the tiniest water molecule cluster at just 52 Hz, and the highest level of anti-oxidation amongst brands.

As to why the term “life-energy water” is used, it has to do with what are seen by the company as an advantage to promoting healthy life by consuming water with the smallest water molecule cluster and highest anti-oxidation possible.

Test results from reputable labs do verify the effectiveness of the Top Spring™ water filters. A completely unique feature, in addition to removing chlorine and other unwanted contaminants from the water, when containers of fermented beverages such as wine, spirits and soy sauce are soaked for 20 minutes in the Top Spring™ Life-Energy water, their taste is transformed as if they had been “aged” for years. It’s quite amazing.

Similarly, coffee and tea prepared with this water remains “sweet” for many hours because of the high anti-oxidation value of the water.

Furthermore, unlike their closest rival, the ionized water filter systems which may lose their anti-oxidant power within 30 minutes, Top Spring™ water keeps it’s anti-oxidation quality for days.

As for removing contamination from vegetables soaked in water from the Top Spring™ unit, not only are they free of pesticides after 20 minutes, but they’ll have a longer shelf life and may even taste better due to the natural sweetness of the Top Spring™ water.

Fish and meat stored in Top Spring™ water will have a longer life in the refrigerator due to the water’s powerful anti-oxidation property.

From an environmental perspective, unlike with ionized water systems, the Top Spring™ unit uses no electricity in processing the water, and produces no waste water.

Costs for the new Top Spring™ systems are expect to be just under $1,300 for under sink water filters and a little less for on-counter water filters, almost a fourth the price of the highest ionized units we’ve seen.

For consumers interested in bargains, there is currently a pre-launch sale in progress, limited to customers who agree to provide feedback that the company would use for marketing and research. In North America, the company is currently offering pre-launch units at just $639  to consumers willing to give feedback for marketing and research purposes. (Under sink models are slightly more.)

A video demonstrating some of the unique features of the Top Spring™ water filter units is available on this blog page.

For more information about the Top Spring™ water filter or to apply for the half-price pre-launch program, email

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